Films from people (2015)
- Design, project management and delivery of a pop-up community cinema in Lewisham for Studio Raw commissioned by Lewisham Council.

Films From People was a pop-up community cinema that evolved from a consultation conducted by Studio Raw at PLACE/Ladywell in which the local residents were asked to share their thoughts on the future of the area. We used this as a starting point for a series of community events to bring people together and have a wider discussion around the changes happening across the borough.

Over 50% of the people we spoke to during the consultation process showed interest in a cinema for the borough of Lewisham.
The consultation space was redesigned to facilitate a cosy cinema and an open call for films was made to all Lewisham residents across a variety of platforms.

At the event more than 30 films were showcased from a variety of people within the local community. Designers, artists, film makers, animators, students and performers all entered their films into the showreel.

The event was an opportunity for people to come together and share an evening together in a celebration of local talent.