Renaming Royal Docks (2021) - Collaborative street re-naming project comissioned by the Greater London Authority.

Re-naming Royal Docks was a collaborative street re-naming project commissioned by the Greater London Authority to help generate ideas to name places and spaces across the Royal Docks area, most notably the street now home to the new City Hall!

I worked with three local partner organisations to carefully devise three workshops which invited the public to share intimate and epic stories from the past, present and future of the area.

Through these workshops we created a resource (a treasure chest of stories, suggestions and principles) to guide the naming of streets in the future. Three names were then shortlisted and voted on by the public resulting in the final name - Kamal Chunchie Way.

You can read my article on ‘what does a genuinely collaborative street naming process look like?’. Or listen to me talking about it on the London Festival of Architecture podcast here.