During the trial pedestrianisation of Queens Crescent by the London Borough of Camden, Street Space was commissioned for a 6 month period of community engagement to better understand the range of community perspectives towards the controversial scheme.

Between July and December 2021 we coordinated a programme of small, locally-led activation events along the high street to bring people together and learn through listening about the varying impacts of the recent pedestrianisation. Throughout our engagement we collaborated with a number of local partners to deliver locally relevant activation events along the high street that prototyped potential new futures and uses for the street.

Activations included a pop-up book swap in collaboration with the local library, a creative action day with the London School of Mosaics and HvH arts, a street-based supper club with restaurants along the high street, a play street with local charities, faith institutions and Rogue Quarters Board Game Cafe and a ‘market celebration day’ with both new and old market traders.

We also created a walking tour of the area hosted by local resident Charlie Foreman.

Through this work we were able to transform a stale, black and white, controversy into a constructive conversation by creating new and tangible things to talk about, together. The once for/AGAINST perspectives about the street’s pedestrianisation became more nuanced and descriptive, provoking discussion into the different needs of different people both now and in the future. Most importantly we created the context for a conversation to take place and involved those who wouldn’t (or couldn’t) usually get involved.

This project was completed whilst working as Head of Engagement at Street Space alongside Rufus Shakespeare and Chloe Langmuir.