Street Space was commissioned by Redbridge Council to devise and deliver a year-long programme of engagement to involve local people in shaping the future of Fairlop Waters.

Fairlop Waters is the largest country park in Redbridge, home to expansive green space, a lake and a wide range of outdoor activities. Following the huge increase in visitor numbers to the park during the pandemic, the council announced plans to preserve and expand Fairlop Waters, adding 250 acres of green space to the existing park over the coming years.

Street Space defined a number of different methods to use throughout engagement, carefully devised to work alongside each other to understand the park from different angles, scales and perspectives.

We created an engagement trail throughout the park, designed postcards to prompt the thoughts of primary school children, hosted workshops with young people and spent autumnal days exploring the park and speaking with people about their experiences, memories and ideas.

Many of the conversations we had aligned with one another, with people seeing eye to eye on what is important for the future of Fairlop Waters. Yet, when digging deeper, many conversations highlighted the colliding priorities, needs and desires of different people and the landscape itself.

Our commission culminated in an online programme of workshops spanning a three month period. The workshops brought together 80 randomly selected people from across the borough between the ages of 13-85 to develop a common vision for Fairlop Waters. Our engagement work provided the foundational resource from which the masterplan could develop.