Working as part of the award winning team chosen to design the Camden Highline, Street Space created a 6 month engagement programme to involve local people in turning a disused stretch of railway viaduct into a new elevated park in the sky!

Our approach focused on engaging with those who hadn’t yet heard about the Camden Highline, in particular two major council estates adjacent to the proposed route. To do this we hired a local, young engagement producer from the area as part of our team and hosted a number of different pop-ups, events and workshops.

Listening to fears around noise and anti-social behaviour we tested a number of interventions within the existing public realm to respond to concerns and build local support for the project.
We explored different lighting solutions in dark passageways that felt unsafe and hosted a community action day to reclaim spaces that felt forgotten and sometimes dangerous at night.

Other creative engagement initiatives included ‘walk the line’ walking tours, workshops with 10 year olds to gather inspirational examples of child friendly spaces, a pop-up lemonade stand moving through the estate and some collaboratively painted large scale murals for the future.

This project was completed whilst working as Head of Engagement at Street Space alongside Phillippa Banister, Chloe Langmuir and Jess Buss. The project was commissioned by Camden Highline and we worked closely with James Corner Field Operations and VPPr