Activation Station (2022) - Community engagement for Street Space to understand perceptions of safety at Barking Station and collaboratively design creative prototypes to make people feel safer.

Activation Station is a Street Space pilot project exploring perceptions of safety outside Barking Station. Following an iterative, creative community engagement process engaging with local residents and businesses, we collectively developed ideas to activate the station in a low-cost and playful way.

The first idea we tested was a 10 day sound scape within the station made up of sounds collected across Barking. This idea was developed by a group of women who wanted to showcase the exciting things Baking has to offer whilst creating a curious and calming experience within the station itself.
Following this (and including the feedback gathered from the first phase) we tested interventions of greening and seating, programming performance and locally produced artwork for a period of three months. Throughout the testing phase we were able to measure and monitor the impact of the experiments on how people feel, think and behave at the station.

This project was completed whilst working as Head of Engagement at Street Space alongside Phillippa Banister and Tegan Mills. You can read more about this project and its impact here.