A new bench for Kingston (2015)
- Design and delivery of a public seating co-design project commissioned by Sustrans.


‘A new bench for Kingston’ invited members of the community to design a new bench for their estate. In a series of workshops we explored the needs of the local area and designed benches with the community in mind. The ‘Chess Bench’ was designed by local primary school student Owen Bicker and was chosen to be built and installed for all to enjoy.

The project was commissioned by Sustrans, a national charity working to build healthier and happier cities through creating places that are walkable and cycle friendly. Alongside the design and installation of the Chess Bench, we created cycle and walking routes with the community to encourage active travel and healthy living in the neighbourhood. The bench was installed at the intersection of these routes and provided both a start and end point for a sequence of walks throughout the area.

The project and its interventions were co-created with the local community through a series of workshops and events at the local school and community centre. Together they aimed to encourage the community to engage with their environment and bring people together towards one goal of making it a better, more enjoyable place to live.